Beach bums

Time flies when you are in San Diego soaking up the sun. We had an amazing time in California and we were not ready leave. Christian kept telling us to move there and Todd kept looking at me like "See! I'm not the only one that wants to move"
It's definitely a different vibe and it was very contagious. Everyone was super nice and seemed very relaxed. We spent a lot of time in Ocean Beach. What a great place! The first night they had a street fair with some amazing artists selling art, food, flowers, and playing music.
We took a ride up the coast in our rented Jeep with the top off. It was so fun. We stopped in a Del Mar and San Clemente for a long beach day and Todd surfed.
We ate a lot of fish while we were there.There was not a shortage of great places to eat and they all had amazing views of the ocean.
I asked Christian what his favorite part of the trip was and he said " Boogie boarding and tartar sauce!" Like I said, we had a lot of fish.

Lovin' Life!
xoxo Sara