~Thankful Thursday~

I am truly grateful for:
  • Todd being so patient with me when I am feeling moody
  • playing with my happy grand daughter
  • weekends away at a friends cabin. So cool!
  • seeing cougar footprints on our tire tracks. Crazy!
  • thinking of funny Halloween costumes
  • waking up to a happy kid in the morning. I love his smile first thing.
  • clean laundry. It's been a while. I've been busy!
  • Todd killing a big crazy legged spider. I freaked out just a bit.
  • roasting marshmallows.
  • my dad yelling at me about my messy garage. No more procrastination.
  • glitter toes. Mine are a mix between Risk Taker and Beware. The names compliment my mood lately
  • fun nights out with my brother
No matter what is going on, happiness is a choice. Choose it! xoxo Sara