Scary fun

I hope everyone has been enjoying their October. I have been watching as many spooky shows as possible. Some not so scary anymore. We laughed our butts off during the first Friday the 13th. That movie used to scare the shit out of me. Not so much anymore. Todd pressured me into seeing Paranormal Activity 4 last night. I was scared through the entire movie until the end. The end ruined it and I was able to sleep last night. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Other than that the little boy was a creepy sucker.

Tonight we will be carving pumpkins, I hope the dog can resist the messy pile of guts we will have on the floor and I will take lots of pictures to share. Also, we picked up kiddo's Halloween costume last Saturday and it suits him perfectly. I can't wait to share.
Here is a hint of what I will be for our big party this weekend:

Which one will it be???? Todd will also be a Wizard of Oz character, but I couldn't find a picture that wouldn't just give it away. We are going to have a blast in our costumes and I am sure we will be laughing all night long at each other.

We are anxious to see what the grand kids are dressed up as and are hoping to get all of us together in one spot for trick-or-treating.

I'll get you my pretty! xoxo Sara