Happy Haunting!

I love Halloween time. All things spooky. All month long we watch scary movies at my house. Last night we started with Paranormal Entity. Similar to Paranormal Activity which scares the shit out of me. The movie was good, but slow at times and not as scary. I have to admit that after Todd left for work this morning my thoughts instantly went to the scenes that freaked me out and I was super sensitive to noises in the house. I freak myself out.
Tonight we are pulling out all our Halloween decor so we can creep out our yard and home. Thanks to Pinterest I have a lot of ideas this year to add to our collection.

So far Kiddo has decided to be a skeleton biker, a zombie biker, and a dead army guy. I am excited to see what he ends up picking. I love his creativity and the fact that he finally wants to be something spooky instead of a Transformer or some action figure.

Since Todd insists on growing a crazy beard right now, I think it will be fun to dress up as a Ring Master, he can be the bearded lady, and we will put a mane on the dog and teach him to jump in a hula hoop.

A must have.

Bathroom fun

Something fun for the porch

Not sure how we would get in the house, but YES!

Great quote from Practical Magic

Let the spooky times begin! xoxo Sara