If you really knew me....

you'd know what all of my tattoos mean.

you'd know that I can't even look at pancakes without thinking about my grandma.

you'd know that I am in no way bad ass or hardcore. I am a big softy that wears my heart on my sleeve. I am a hopeless romantic and I internalize everything.

you'd know that when I was little I thought I was a witch and would make potions in my bedroom with household cleaners. We are lucky the house didn't blow up. I am pretty sure that nail polish remover mixed with anything is no good :)

you'd know that my dad is my hero! He has set the bar extremely high and yes I compare how a man should be to him. I refuse to settle for less.

you'd know that every October is Scary Movie Month at my house. I am on edge the entire month watching out for chainsaw murderers, demons, Mike Meyers, poltergeists, etc.....

you'd know that I have no filter. I say what I feel. I don't do this out of spite or to be mean I do it to be Me.

you'd know that I am no good at small talk. I don't care to talk about the weather and if I don't know what to say or ask someone I don't know, I won't pretend. I find it exhausting and I lose interest quickly.

you'd know that I love dogs. I talk about mine like he is my kid. Always have. I see no reason to bring a pet into the family unless they are treated as such. Family.

you'd know that I have a sarcastic twisted sense of humor. I find stupid things really funny and what I laugh at other people don't understand.

you'd know that I am really clumsy. I can trip up the stairs and over nothing at all. That does not stop me from wearing high heels. If I am going to trip I rather be in cute shoes doing it.

you'd know that Christian is a miracle! Only a higher power could have made him possible and I am so very thankful each day that I am blessed to be his mom.

you'd know that my A.D.D can take our conversation from one topic to something else totally unrelated based off something random that happened mid-sentence.

you'd know that I am not a morning person. As much as I have tried, I am not chipper the moment I wake up. Give me an hour. Or two.

you'd know that I am very happy in life and I don't need to bounce off walls to show it. I have a calm nature that comes across shy at times and I am perfectly fine with that :)