Twenty minutes from home

I consider myself lucky that this is a short twenty minute ride away from my house. I love driving up the canyon to breathe in the fresh air and escape everything for just a little while. Lately Handsome and I have been looking at houses and as I think about the place I want to settle down in, I lean toward the mountains. I love being in the city and all it has to offer. Our weekly bike rides, festivals, concerts, diversity, but my heart feels peaceful and calm away from it all. I could move to a small town that is only an hour away from my work. I think about driving home from work to a secluded house with dogs and maybe a horse or two. I would be able to see the sky full of stars at night. All of these things ran through my head as I hiked this beautiful canyon. A girl can day dream...

1. driving up the canyon
2. a cabin I would love
3. I can't get enough of that boy's smile
4. so many butterflies
5. Dog Lake
6. Dog standing in Dog Lake
7. hanging out with a wet dog
8. Kiddo was such a trooper
9. my 3 Amigos
10. our view from the trail

xoxo Sara