This too shall pass

You know that thing in your life right this second that if you could just get past it, it will all be OK? You know that thing. We all have one. It's something that annoys you, slows you down, stops you from doing what you really want to do. Years ago I realized there is always going to be that thing no matter how great your life is, so when something comes up I repeat to myself "This too shall pass" and I carry on with my life. I have learned that if I continue to live, laugh, and not let it slow me down, it will work itself out. It always does.

Some things are definitely harder than others to ignore, but when it's beyond my control I have learned to let go and give it to the Universe. What's going to happen will happen and my constant stress, pain, annoyance will not make it move any faster. According to the laws of attraction it will actually slow it down. What you resist persists. This is hard to get a grasp of when you are a control freak like me. I want to fix things, I had a hard time relaxing and letting things fix themselves, but they do.

I read once that it helps to write your problem down on a piece of paper than then rip it up and throw it away or flush it down the toilet. By doing this you are showing the Universe that you no longer allow this problem to be in your life. I have done this and it works. It's liberating actually. The key is when you have thrown it away or flushed it down the toilet you HAVE to move on. No more obsessing...

This is what I plan to do today. I will get rid of a few small annoyances I have and move on.
Do it with me! It feels great. Live your best life and get rid of anything holding you down.