I am a social mutt

I have come to the conclusion that I am not one of the cool kids. I am okay with that.

I have never really been a follower. I do what I want, how I want, when I want. Always have. The groups of friends I hung out with growing up varied. In high school there were sections of gangsters, jocks, cheerleaders, punk rockers, cowboys, etc.... I had friends in all of them. I was never glued to a corner of the lunch room only hanging out with one or the other. I would catch up with one and move on.

I am still this way. I realized this the other night while at a party. It was a large party where everyone knows everyone, but there are always cliques. I don't belong to a group. Still.
I bounce around the party catching up or getting to know others. 
I realize by me being this way, I have possibly doomed myself. In a world where people don't like others for whatever differences I come across as a person that mixes company and so I may not be confided in. I am at peace with that. Just like in high school I still feel that I get the best of everyone by not settling to a corner of the room life.

At times I forget I am blessed to be this way and can feel a little lonely or out of place around certain people, but I have learned to quickly snap out of that because those who know me really know me appreciate the dork I am.
The sense of belonging can be deceiving. It isolates people. Some think it's about belonging to a cause or a group. For me it's about belonging to my heart and what makes me happy.

This world is bursting with variety, why do I have to pick just one?