Water Boy

Two weeks ago we took Jake up the canyon to play in the water for the first time. He was hilarious. When Honey first introduced him to the waters edge, he was weary and didn't want it to touch his toes. That didn't last long. Next thing we knew he was tromping across the stream like a pro. It was the perfect play spot for a hot day and now when you say " Wanna go up the mountain?" Jake runs to the front door and waits for his leash.

This canyon was filled with tons of pretty butterflies too. I am collecting more pictures and will post them soon. There was a spot near the water where they kept landing, several at once. Well, Jake decided he was going to pounce them. He tried, they all scattered then turned back around and dive bombed his head. I have never seen a butterfly gang attack before, but if it was going to happen leave it to Jake to be their target.

xoxo Sara