What asshole passes a law against love?

Seriously NC? You're all going to hell. Not the fun party side with the rest of us, but the one with Hitler and other seriously fucked up haters. Way to go. You have no soul.

 To all the lovers out there: do what I do, ignore the haters because they obviously have never loved someone so deeply and unconditionally. Anyone that has felt that love understands that to say the love between any two people is wrong has no idea what love is. It doesn't matter if you understand the relationship or you think it is gross, it is not anyones right to place judgement. Doesn't the bible say judgment is a sin? People over look that part of the book, but know exactly what it says about keeping two people apart? Selective reading?

I truly believe if you are comfortable with yourself, nothing anyone else does can harm that. So apparently there are a bunch of self hating mother fuckers out there that won't let anyone else be happy if they are not.

Are all those people seriously going to bed happy and content with the world now two people can't be married? Did that law make their marriage happier, the sex better, their kids safer? I doubt it. I bet their husband is a verbally abusive asshole, the wife is a nagging bitch, they don't have sex (at least not with each other) and their kids are having unprotected sex and sniffing glue in order to escape their unhappy home.
These are the people passing laws against love. Instead of being upset you can't get married at least be grateful you are not one of them.

Keep on loving who you are and who you are with.. It may be considered a privilege to get married, but it is a gift from God to love and with that, you have already won.