Beauty is not skin deep. It comes from the heart.

Now that I am finally becoming comfortable in my own skin and head, I am noticing how this world can make a person feel so down on themselves. That is if you can't think for yourself. It first starts with that. Think and feel for yourself. With that said, it's human to get hurt when a person or people say that how you look is not beautiful.
  Who is to say that a 6 ft tall size 0 super model is more beautiful than a 5'4 size 5 woman with curves? No one is aloud to make that judgement for the rest of the world. While some may love the curvy woman that is not to say that the tall skinny ones are not beautiful. I know skinny women that simply can not put on weight, and if they wanted any curve they would have to be surgically altered. Now, how is that fair to them? Or how is it fair that the 5'4 woman is in her perfect weight range, but because of her short stature she isn't considered model material?
  Beauty is not skin deep. It comes from the heart. I don't care what any ones measurements are or how they look in an outfit compared to me. There is no comparison. It's how you love yourself and treat other people.
  Recently I have been fanatic about putting cream, drops, and whatever else I can find on the skin under my eyes. Some wrinkles have popped up and I instantly became conscious of them. Then the other day I was laughing a lot (which gratefully is a daily occurrence in my life) and I just happened to be near a mirror and glanced into it. I instantly noticed that those wrinkles I was so ashamed of were in the exact spots my face turns up while smiling and laughing. I have been trying to conceal the best parts of my life. For what? Because wrinkles aren't pretty? Says who?
My grandma had so many of the deepest wrinkles and it always made me worry about aging myself. I thought if that is hereditary I am in trouble. But, thinking back she was always smiling or laughing. So happy, sweet, and just simply happy with life.
Now while I will continue to put my daily face cream on, I will no longer try to camouflage the happiness that is shining through. I proudly wear my imperfections because they are mine. If I end up looking like my grandma then I will know I did something right. I smiled often and laughed hard.
  I am not sure if I went of course here, but I just wish for every woman/girl (and man even though I didn't include them in my examples) to love themselves for who they are. Different is good. And while its normal to look at something and someone and like what you see, continue to be you. There is already one of them.