Hospitalized for Exhaustion?

Am I the only person baffled by this? If you are tired, take a nap! Hell, sleep all day! You are a celebrity you can do what you want right? You are rich and famous. You have a nanny for your kids, a make-up artist for your face, someone else does your hair, picks your clothes, and a driver to take you where ever you want.
So, I am really confused what makes you so tired.

I wake up in the morning, do my own make-up, wake up my child, feed him myself, drive him to school myself, drive myself to work, work 8+ hours (doing something I have to, not want to) drive home in traffic, pick up the kid, do his homework with him, feed him again, and possibly do laundry.
I am no where near close to exhausted.

Mind if I give you some tips?
First, eat something for heavens sake! Stop drinking lemon water and starving yourself! It's just gross and I will tell you looking curvy is a hell of a lot sexier than a metal hanger.
Second, stop popping pills! Not just for your health, but pill poppers have got to be the most annoying people. No one is attracted to a doped up, puking, drooling, passed out mess. Nothing about that is attractive.
Third, pace yourself. You do not have to hit every party or trendy restaurant to stay in the spot light. Stay home. Read a book, watch a funny movie, paint your own toes! Find a hobby that is not about being famous. There is something about staying home and pampering yourself rather than going out and having someone do it for you. Just can't beat it.

This is not meant to criticize anyone currently in the hospital for exhaustion, because I don't think you actually have to be treated for that, it's so much deeper than needing the catch up on your zzzz's. It's your self respect that needs a good healing.
No one else is going to love you if you can't love yourself.