I need a re-fill! Now!

This week I have not been taking as much hormone replacement as I should because I have been low and had to wait until Friday to get a refill.

Well, its Friday and I hope I don't go ballistic before I make it to the pharmacy. I was never one to have PMS during that time of the month, but since my hysterectomy I feel like a raging bitch if I don't take my medication.

At any moment I am going to start spitting fire and chopping heads off. I tried going to the gym to work off some tension, but that only led to me sweating profusely because MY HORMONES ARE FUCKED!!!

Only 2 more hours before my refill will be ready.

I can make it until then. I am a loving sane happy woman.... I AM I am I....

Fuck it. Someone hand me my favorite machete. It's go time!

Oh look, it's shiny! For now.